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Warranty Policy

Patriot Armory understands how aggravating issues with a new product can be. We work very hard to ensure any issues are handled as promptly as possible. You may contact our Customer Service Department for help troubleshooting any product purchased from Patriot Armory. A solution to most issues can be attained by email or over the phone with some basic troubleshooting. If a solution cannot be attained by email or over the phone, the product will need to be returned to the company issuing the warranty (either us or the manufacturer). Warranty starts on date of delivery or purchase if purchased from our Walk-In Store.

NO ITEM IS TO BE SENT BACK WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION FROM OUR RETURNS DEPARTMENT. Doing so will severely extend the time frame the return gets handled.

All products that come with a manufacturers warranty will need to be handled by the manufacturer directly. Please check the table below or the products page on our site to find out what warranty your product is covered under. If you have a item that is serviced by Patriot Armory or are not sure what policy your product has, please file a RMA with our Customer Service Department for further information.

Warranties are in place to cover manufacturer defects and not operator error or abuse. Patriot Armory reserves the right to deny a RMA if improper use is suspected.

Items that are past the point of repair will be replaced and if a replacement is not readily available a store credit can be issued. All items repaired will undergo a basic maintenance and inspection to ensure to the best of our ability that a product will remain trouble free.

Shipping costs to the manufacturer for warranty service are not the responsibility of Patriot Armory.

If a product is to be sent back to Patriot Armory, we will gladly cover the shipping to send the completed RMA back to you. The shipping to Patriot Armory can be purchased through our Discounted Return Label program which offers shipping labels at a reduced rate.

Discounted Return Labels

You will only be eligible for a discounted return label once your RMA has been authorized to ship. If you need to check the status of a RMA please email or call our Customer Service Department. Once a item has been authorized for return a Customer Service Department associate will advise you of the weight class that your RMA fits into.

1-7 LBS : $5.00

8-17 LBS : $15.00

18+ LBS : $25.00

Your discounted return label will be sent via email once billing information has been attained and funds have been authorized.

All items repaired by Patriot Armory will be covered by a new warranty for 30 days after the product is delivered back to you.

Warranty Violations

Use of unpolished, imperfect, and or improper sized BBs. The use of high quality BBs is very important to any type or quality airsoft gun. Department store bought BBs will void your warranty. If a bur or seam is visible, the BBS are sub-standard and should not be used through any airsoft gun.

Any failures deemed to be the result of neglect or abuse will not be covered under warranty. Improper handling, dropping, storing, firing, and charging of batteries will void any and all warranty. Using a trickle charger and over charging your battery will void warranty just as using a battery above the recommended voltage or type.

Upgrading your gun will put more stress on remaining stock parts, making failure a lot more likely. If you are going to upgrade your gun seek expert advice on how and what to change and do so only after your warranty is up.

The blaze orange tip is required by law in some locales and removal is completely against the recommendation of Patriot Armory. If an item is sent back with the blaze orange tip removed, the item will be destroyed.

Manufacturer Warranty Terms and Information

This table is for all items where distribution agreements dictate a products warranty is handled through the manufacturer.

Warranty Provider

Warranty Terms

Warranty Contact

Airsoft Innovations

1 Year


1 Year


Jag Precision

30 Days



30 Day or 45 Day

(depending on product)


30 Day



6 Month


Umarex / Elite Force

30 Day, 60 Day, and 1 Year

(depending on product)

479-646-4210 Ext. 7


30 Day



Upgade Parts - Due to the nature of these parts and the possibility of improper installation or poor compatibility with other parts being a vast majority of the issues seen with these items all sales are FINAL. Do your research before buying and or attempting installation of any products of this nature.